Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bolton's Nomination to Senate Floor Come Hell or High Water

I'm starting to wonder if the GOP is starting to read this blog:

"President Bush and Senate Republicans are intensifying their push to confirm John R. Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations and are considering forcing a showdown vote on the Senate floor if the Foreign Relations Committee refuses to endorse the controversial nominee, according to White House and Senate aides.

. . .

"Even a negative committee vote -- which would occur if two or more Republicans joined the panel's eight Democrats in opposing Bolton -- could result in the nomination reaching the floor with a negative recommendation, the aide said. There is precedent for this: Supreme Court nominee Robert H. Bork was given a vote in the full Senate after most Judiciary Committee members voted against him."

Of course, we know what happened to the Bork nomination. While its rare that a committee rejects or cannot agree on a recommendation for a nominee. It's even rarer still for the full Senate not to defer to the committee's recommondation.

I say if the GOP is hell-bent to disregard the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (which they control), then the Democrats should filibuster. It makes no sense to say that filibustering nominees that have received party-line majority approval should be filibustered, but a nominee that couldn't win a stacked-deck vote should not.

If I were a back-bench bomb-throwing Democratic Senator, I'd offer this amendment the next time the Legislative Appropriation Bill comes around --
"$1.58 for the Official Senate Rules Drafting Pencil."

Imagine the ink it would save....

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OLS said...

Man - give the boy a few thousand visitors and suddenly he gets a big ego on it! ;) just kidding - I think the GOP would be smart to check out the blog of a brilliant man like you.