Saturday, May 28, 2005

Ohio GOP to take Ethics 101 course

I wish I was making this up. Not even "The Daily Show" could write something this ridiculous.

In response to 'Coingate' scandal that has not only implicated Governor Taft's Administration, but Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, Auditor Betty Montgomery and Attorney General Jim Petro (all of whom are receipants of campaign contributions of Noe and, yet, also insisting that they can be trusted to adequately investigate him), Ohio GOP Party Chairman Bob Bennett has come up with a plan to protect the GOP's majority during the next statewide elections in 2006. Indeed, after witnesses every Republican on the Ohio Supreme Court recuse themselves from a case involving Noe (given that he served as campaign manager for one of the justices and donated to the others), leaving only the sole Democratic justice to handle the case and appoint stand-in justices, Bennett has decided that bold, decisive party leadership is needed.

That's why he's going to require all GOP candidates undergo ethics training.

So the next time a Republican claims that they are the party of "values," remind them that, in Ohio, Democrats have values; Republicans have to learn them.

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