Thursday, May 12, 2005

A week later, man offers to return finger to owner

Why can't I get over this story? I guess once the national media outcry about how outrageous it was to keep someone's finger as "evidence" for your civil lawsuit instead of returning it in time to be surgically re-attached finally convinced the guy, or at least his attorney, that he wasn't likely to come across as a sympathetic victim in his future jury trial.

While as the linked story states, he was more than willing to pull it out of the freezer for the TV cameras whenever they wanted, he just now has been willing to give it to the person who lost it.

Of course, it's only on the condition that it could be surgically reattached. And of course, a week later, all of the cells are dead, making reattachment impossible.

Does anyone honestly believe this makes the guy look better? To me, it's just cruel to say, "well, I offered this week, but the guy hasn't returned my call." Maybe that's because he can't dial...


Anonymous said...

On the news report I think he said it tastes like chicken

Modern Esquire said...

I thought he said candy..... :)