Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hackett for U.S. Senate '06

As I was helping my Republican friend move today, he had 700 WLW on which is one of the largest AM talk radio stations in the nation and just happens to be here in Cincinnati. Andy Cunnigham, the voice of the (conservative) American people was on. And what he said shocked me:

He endorsed Paul Hackett for U.S. Senate against U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine.

Of course this reveals two things:
1) Wow, conservatives really hate Mike DeWine...., and
2) Hmm, conservatives really seemed to take a liking to a candidate like Paul Hackett as a Democrat.

I also learned later:
* Taft, the Republican brand name of Ohio politics, is now as toxic as candidates named OBL.
* Schmidt even said Taft was toxic and brazenly tried to say that linking her to Taft is like trying to link Hackett (a Marine) to Abu Ghraib.

I mean is it really unfair to link a state legislator to votes she made IN FAVOR of the unpopular Governor's even more unpopular tax plan? Is that really like linking every serviceperson to the horrors of Iraqi prisoner abuse? Give me a break, Congresswoman. My conservative friend also remarked that he, too, thought the DCCC ads were very effective and was surprised at the result. I'm surprised the few precincts left in Clinton County affected the result so drastically. But then again, it was her home base. What isn't getting commented on is how Hackett picked up the majority of the counties in the district including Adams and Brown counties which are generally considered reliably Republican (Scioto leans GOP; Pike is probably the most Democratic county in the 2nd Congressional District.)

Of course, Hackett and his family deserve some time in privacy. They have been through a very grueling ordeal. Also, Hackett faces the prospect of returning to Iraq on the heels of the news today that 20 Marines from Ohio have been killed in the past 48 hours. So, Hackett has more pressing concerns in his life right now than a statewide campaign next year. I wish him and his family the best, and my gratitude and prayers are with the families of those Marines. May God be with them as they deal with their loss.

This race should vindicate Hamilton County Democratic Party Chair Tim Burke. Some in the area blogged that Burke was wrong to have the county party endorse Hackett before the primary. However, by forming a consensus on a candidate, the party was able to spend what little time there was in the special election introducing Hackett instead of the noise of countless candidates, one of which is the why Portman had been receiving 70% of the vote in his past few campaigns.

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