Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'm back

So much for posting like mad the second I got out of the Ohio bar exam. (Sorry.)

Now, it's only 87 days until I find out if I passed. I don't want to bore you with details about the bar exam, except to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Although apparently I was more stressed about the exam than I realized as my body was still recovering until today. That, and after two months of amazing self-discipline, I decided to spend some quality time on the coach playing the X-box, watching bad television (why did I watch even half of an episode of the Lifetime-esque reality show "Starting Over"?), and eating even more poorly than usual.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm moving this weekend? Of course, I hadn't done really any work before the move. And I did absolutely nothing yesterday but attempted to figure out a way to mail back my Barbri books back so I can get my deposit without getting off my couch.

Today I was more productive. I booked movers, changed all the utilities, contacted every business, bank, and civic group that mails me to give the new address. I even notified the BMV, 'cause Ohio is crazy like that. Of course, now I worry that they might try to call my new phone number before it's activated next week and they freak.

Not only am I moving, but the firm is opening a new office for us as well. On the way back to the bar, I stopped by and got to see my new office. Although it's not the first time I had an office (of the non-cubicle variety), this is the first time I have a window office, or one this size. Now if we can do something about the mint-green walls, which the senior partner said I could have it painted. Any color suggestions?


OLS said...

You watched "Starting Over" but not "General Hospital"??? Come on Modern! What's going on here?

Oh, and thanks for the countdown - I can't believe you know how many days until we get results!

OLS said...

By the way, for your office I suggest something along the lines of champagne. You'll want something that's sort of neutral, but with a little calming color.

By the way, I'm painting my apartment at the end of the month - wanna help? ;) (yeah, I know . . . you'll be washing your hair that day, eh?)