Friday, August 12, 2005

Internal GOP poll shows Strickland as our next Governor

Over at the conservative-community blog (not to be confused with Michael Meckler's Ohio political blog,, which covers Ohio politics, I found an interesting post regarding the GOP's take on the upcoming 2006 Ohio Gubernatorial race.

Now, remember, there's been no real advertisements, we haven't had a debate, and we haven't even had the primary elections yet, so it's too early to say for sure.

However, according to the conservative diarist at, he has seen some internal GOP polling data on the race. And it shows Congressman Ted Strickland, as an "old style pro-gun, union-loving economic populist Democrat would win almost any contest in a walk right now."

Surprisingly, some of the comments suggest on the post that the Democrats cannot win again until they have a strong candidate from Cleveland. Ironically, I've argued since 1994 that Democrats need quite the opposite.

Despite the sage advice of the Portsmouth Daily Times, it seems that the Hackett race does show a political storm brewing for Republicans in 2006.

If true, the fact that Strickland is polling better than GOP candidates who have served in statewide offices for the last 12 years is remarkable. Ted Strickland probably doesn't have much name recognition yet outside of southern Ohio, but the GOP candidates should be largely well-known. If Strickland can neutralize the GOP fundraising advantage (with $1 Million in the bank he is one his way) and run his usually well-disciplined and hard-working campaign, he's likely to be the first Democrat to win a statewide election since 1992 (save Clinton).

And the Republican's strategy to pull off a victory? Well, if the diarist is any indication, they want to redraw the state lines. Permanent majority, indeed.

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