Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ohio Democratic governor hopefuls fundraising strong

When Bob Taft ran for re-election, the Democrats nominee only raised $1.5 million during the entire course of the election. Both Coleman and Strickland have raised over a million, and it's still almost a year away until the primary election. Strickland outraised Coleman over the 80 days since he joined the race. None of that money came from Strickland's congressional campaign.

However, both Democrats lag behind the financial warchests of the Republican candidates. Blackwell, the late entry of the GOP race, raised $100k more than Strickland over that same period. State Auditor Betty Montgomery has $1.5 million on hand; AG Jim Petro has $3 million on the hand.

Blackwell is largely viewed as the frontrunner. Despite being one of the longest statewide office-holders, Betty Montgomery is the Rodney Dangerfield of the 2006 GOP Gubernatorial primary. She can't get any respect.

"She's weak on the issues, and she appears to be weak in fund-raising," [Petro] spokesman Matt Cox said.
Although Strickland cannot transfer leftover funds from his congressional campaign fund to his gubernatorial campaign, all of the other candidates can. No word yet on how much, if any, of those leftover campaign funds are padding the candidates figures.

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