Friday, March 31, 2006

Strickland is blowing the wheels off the Blackwell Express (and Flannery is too!)

We now have two national polling firms showing Congressman Ted Strickland growing a larger and larger lead in the race against the GOP in the Ohio Gubernatorial campaign. Earlier this week, Rasmussen, a popular and generally relied on polling company in conservative circles, released this press release on their Ohio gubernatorial general election poll. It shows that Congressman Ted Strickland has established a benchmark of 50% support in the general election.

Once a candidate begins polling over 50%, the challenger suddenly finds fundraising and party enthuisasm for their candidacy dry up. Add to a divisive primary and controversal constitutional amendment proposal (TEL), and Blackwell may find himself getting the short shriff in assistance come the general.

According to the most recent Zogby poll, Strickland again shows a commanding and growing lead from Blackwell on the head-to-head general election matchup. What's even more telling is that even if long-shot Bryan Flannery was the Democratic nominee, he'd be beating Blackwell despite little to no name recognition.

You can read some GOPers fretting and dismissing the poll here on Right Angle Blog. Apparently, some in the GOP just can't believe that Ken Blackwell, who is so well-known, could be behind a virtual unknown such as Flannery. However, perhaps they should take a closer look at some of Blackwell's other polling numbers. Although he is showing to be more competitive against Strickland than Petro (which I can only theorize is because Petro may generate lukewarm support from the red meat conservative base), Blackwell by and large has the lowest favorability ratings between Petro, Strickland, and Blackwell according to the Rasmussen poll.

One thing is for certain, expect the GOP to hit Strickland the day after the primary if not before. They not only need to soften him up, but they need to change the general trend of Strickland breaking away.

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