Thursday, March 16, 2006

Subodh Chandrha Endorsed by Warren County Democratic Party while Marc Dann is AWOL

During last night meeting of the Warren County Democratic Party, the county party officially endorsed Subodh Chandra for Ohio Attorney General last night. Just as was the practice with the Ohio Democratic Party, Warren County did not make a dual endorsement in the race. So that's at least the second Democratic county party to make an endorsement different from the ODP since the ODP endorsements.

For the record, I have been impressed with Subodh as a candidate and as a campaigner. Despite hearing much from Dann on the blogsphere during the height of the Coingate scandal, Sen. Dann has been AWOL on the campaign trail. If he has a campaign presence in southwest Ohio, then it must be a staff of campaign ninjas, cause I can't see them.

For what's it worth to the ten people who read this blog. I also endorse Subodh Chandra over Marc Dann. In a year when one of the biggest issues in the Attorney General's race is about lax ethical enforcement, having a candidate who has been publicly reprimanded by the Ohio Supreme Court as an alternative muddles our message. Subodh is a strong candidate and show he has the campaign work ethic to tirelessly campaign throughout the State. This election isn't going to be won on the blogs but by ol' fashion shoe leather. And I'm going with the candidate who is not only highly qualified, dedicated to the office he is seeking, but will be a tough campaigner over the next year.

Like I said, for what it's worth.....GO SUBODH!


obsessivelawstudent said...

here here! i like Subodh. He seems a very worthy candidate.

Modern Esquire said...

Shouldn't it be "hear, hear?"