Thursday, March 16, 2006

Update: Has AG candidate Marc Dann gone AWOL?

Where have all the ODP-endorsed candidates gone? Long time passing......

Just because I didn't want to get accused of blaming someone for running a non-existent campaign without actually going out and trying to find information about the campaign committees, I decided to go to Marc Dann's campaign website to check his campaign's "Public Calendar".

Only problem is that it's blank. All of March is blank. So is April. So is May. They don't even have the primary election day on the calendar. Now, if you're going to put a calendar on your website, that tells me you intend on letting me know where and when you're campaigning. And by not having anything on it for the next three months, that tells me that you aren't planning on campaigning. Apparently, I presumed too much. I assumed that by putting on a public calendar on your website you meant to convey to me that you intend on campaigning. For that faulty assumption, I apologize to State Sen. Dann.

And where is Barbara Sykes? Apparently the shadow people on her website are looking for her, too! And yes, that is Sykes' website as linked to on the ODP page which lists all the Demcratic candidates. We are less than sixty days away from the primary!!!!

Beyond MTB events, does anyone know of either Sykes or Dann making any public campaign appearances? If so, let me know. I'd like to know why I should be supporting them. Sure, you're in uncontested primaries, but now is the time you get your base to support you so they can go out and help you convince independents and, yes, even Republicans, to vote for you in the general. By May, you should have a Democratic base energized to work for you to get OTHER votes besides the 30% any body with a Democratic Party nomination is going to get in an Ohio general election.

But what do know? I don't have a public calendar on this site.

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