Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bryan Flannery abortion views changes with the audience

Bryan Flannery at a Christian Coalition event last week was asked if he would support legislation banning all abortions. His response:
"Yes, I would definitely give favorable consideration to legislation that would curb/ban abortions. I do have exceptions to the life of the mother and in cases of incest and rape."
Yet, last month, at a Meet the Bloggers debate with Congressman Ted Strickland, Mr. Flannery told that audience:

Scott Bakalar: The State of Ohio, either through legislation or referendum, outlawing abortion.

Tim Russo: Bryan?

Bryan Flannery: Yeah. Personally, I am opposed to abortion. I am a pro-life person. But, again, I don't want to comment, because that is an issue that you can only cross when you see the specifics and the particulars.

Tim Russo: Would you sign the South Dakota bill?

Bryan Flannery: Most likely, no.
Which is it Mr. Flannery? Are you honestly saying that the only reason you wouldn't sign the South Dakota legislation is because it didn't contain an exception for rape and incest? Don't you think you should have been as forward at Meet the Bloggers as you were with your Christian Coalition pals?

And how many possible Democratic primary voters know that you not only favor teaching intelligent design, but you believe science will one day prove it? Or that you support a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and even civil unions?

With less than a week left, it's no wonder Democratic voters are just now getting to know your views on issues other than education.

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