Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Flannery beats dead horse for third time....

In the horse race to be the Democratic nominee for Governor, former State Representative and failed Secretary of State candidate Bryan Flannery has apparently decided that he simply hasn't been whipping his dead horse of a campaign enough.

Today, Flannery held a press conference in Columbus to unveil (for the third? fourth? empteenth time?) his "retooled" education plan and again revisited the infamous "missing Athens court records" allegations of a former Strickland staffer. And by former, I don't mean he left recently. I mean he left seven years ago. He actually worked for Strickland for less time than I did.

For those not familiar with the history of Bryan's tin-foil "missing records" conspiracy, you can recap it in its ludicrous greatness from this post.

When announcing today's press conference, Mr. Flannery promised:
new information on the issue of missing records from Athens County related to a former congressional and campaign staff employee of Congressman Ted Strickland.
Instead, apparently all Flannery provided was the "a one-page Athens Police Department report, with four complaint numbers on it, as proof of the incidents."

This is hardly "new information" as this is what Flannery had already provided the media a month ago when he made his ridiculous conspiracy allegation that Strickland and his campaign had illegally erased any record of the incident in question.

Yet again, the poor former staffer's attorney apparently was on hand to provide proof to any media person willing to promise to protect his client's confidentiality that the four criminal allegations lead to a plea to a single, non-sexual crime and the eventual legal expungement of the conviction.
The drama heightened afterward when the convicted offender's Dayton attorney, Jesse R. Lipcius, insisted all records of the 12-year-old incidents have been expunged. Lipcius promised to provide proof of the expungement to anyone guaranteeing his client's confidentiality.

Lipcius said the former Strickland congressional and campaign employee is married with one child, a Christian and wants to get on with his life. He also has not been affiliated with Strickland for six or seven years, Lipcius said. The man was convicted of one fourth-degree misdemeanor, which is not classified as a sex offense, Lipcius added. (Ed. note: emphasis added. A fourth-degree misdemeanor is one degree more serious than a speeding ticket.)

"I'm concerned about my client's privacy,'' Lipcius said. "He hasn't slept in weeks now."
Flannery has yet to explain what relevance a misdemeanor conviction which occurred without Strickland's knowledge and before the individual worked for Strickland which itself was seven years ago has on the current race.

Flannery also has to explain why he feels it necessary to drag a private citizen's expunged misdemeanor conviction from twelve years ago through the mud in order to try to rescue his dying political career. Bryan Flannery should be ashamed of himself and I honestly don't see how he can look any voter in the eye.

After blasting Ken Blackwell for violating his privacy, how can Mr. Flannery honestly justify violating the privacy of this private citizen's sealed record?

In the end, Mr. Flannery has apparently decided the only way he can win is to put new shoes on one dead horse and whip the other even harder. How pathetic.


Anonymous said...

This has got to stop. What Bryan Flannery is doing to this person who worked for Strickland is immoral and sickening. It clearly shows no ties to Strickland.

Modern Esquire said...

Well, the aide did have ties with Ted, but they ended in 1999, roughly seven years ago.

I could have excused the initial release as the result of just not being informed about legal expungement. But the fact that he still is continuing this line of attack even though he has been presented evidence of its expungement demonstrates a lack of character. There's no reason for him to continue to push this irrelevant story.