Thursday, April 13, 2006

Flannery can't quit.... and can't get his story right

After denying last month that he was insinuating that Strickland might have had an inappropriate relationship with the former staffer that Flannery has apparently decided is his key to the Democratic nomination, Flannery yesterday came out and said that, yes, he was alleging, without proof, that Strickland and the male aide had such a relationship.

He insinuated that Strickland and the man continue to have an "improper" relationship, contending the man lives "a block or two" away from Strickland and his wife in Washington, D.C.

That's untrue. The man lives in Illinois.
(For the record, as far as I know, Frances hasn't lived in D.C. since Ted's 1992-1994 term, and has otherwise lived in the district.)

You can read the story about the bizarre presser in this Plain Dealer article.

To cap it all, not only does Bryan Flannery apparently suffer from paranoia, he has delusions of grandeur as well:

"If, for some reason, he gets through the primary, this issue isn't going away," Flannery said. "He can't win." (emphasis added.)
So Flannery actually thinks he still has a chance despite still polling in the single digits to Strickland's near majority numbers. If his behavior wasn't so bizarre, you'd almost want to cheer for him as the underdog.

I still go back and say that this whole story seems to be the brainchild of Flannery's communication director, Anthony Fossaceca. After all, the press releases come from him, and although Flannery has been in the race since last year (even for the Coleman for Governor campaign, remember that?), his campaign didn't bring up this story until shortly after hiring Fossaceca. One wonders if Mr. Fossaceca unsuccessfully tried to get Eric Fingerhut to push this bogus story as well.

My advice to Mr. Flannery is that if has any interest in restoring his credibility and dignity in the eyes of the Democratic Party, he'd fire Mr. Fossaceca and apologize to his opponent, this former aide, and the legal community of Athens County that he has insulted with his kangaroo court allegations. Flannery could have become a true contender and walked away from this race with real political credibility to do things down the road. Unfortunately, he has decided to take the kamikaze route.

Also, it's safe to say that Mr. Fossaceca's communication company is going to find itself blacklisted in Democratic circles after his rather unprofessional and unexplainable performance in the Flannery campaign.

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