Thursday, April 13, 2006

Which is it, Anthony Fossaceca?

Flannery/Stams Communication Director Anthony Fossaceca in the March 17, 2005, Dayton Daily News, on whether the Flannery campaign was questioning Congressman Ted Strickland's sexual orientation:

"That was not the intent. That has no place in this campaign at all, period."

Candidate Bryan Flannery in today's Cleveland Plain Dealer:

He insinuated that Strickland and the man continue to have an "improper" relationship, contending the man lives "a block or two" away from Strickland and his wife in Washington, D.C.

That's untrue. The man lives in Illinois. [ed. note: And I believe Mrs. Strickland lives in Ohio, not D.C., so Flannery was lying on two counts.]

That's 180-degrees in 31 days. Amazing.

So which is it, Mr. Fossaceca? Were you lying last month when you said that it had no place in a campaign "at all, period," or were you lying when you denied that your intent wasn't to insinuate something false about Congressman Strickland's personal life? You can't be telling the truth on both now.

You either should be fired for making such a reckless, false and "gutter politics" allegation in the first place, or you should resign if you any integrity and meant what you said a month ago. Bryan Flannery has already been caught making numerous lies as he's been trying to push this story. Now, let's see how honest you are. You called the press conference in which your candidate made this insinuation. You either: a) knew he was going to, thus making what you told the Dayton Daily News a lie, or b) utterly shocked and surprised at Mr. Flannery and considering resigning for him doing something that you have publicly stated has absolutely no place in a political campaign. Which is it?

I'm still waiting your reply to my response to your offer to talk about this, but on this issue, it's got to be on the record.

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