Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cordray's impressive fundraising led to GOP incumbent's defeat

This.... is..... fascinating...... Talk about tactical errors.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio GOP chair Bob Bennett encouraged the Bradley campaign three weeks before the primary to conserve financial resources for the general election against Richard Cordray who had over $1M on hand to Bradley's $400k in the last campaign finance report filed weeks before the primary.

So instead of have a moderate incumbent GOP candidate who had roughly $300k on hand, the GOP nominated a Blackwell firebrand with little name recognition and less than $2k on hand.

As the guys from Guiness would say, "BRILLIANT!"

Now not only do the Democrats have a strong, moderate candidate with the financial resources to compete, but he's facing a candidate who thinks it's more important to talk about abortion and gay marriage than what she'll do as State Treasurer and will be a financial drain on the ORP to help catch up to Cordray's financial advantage.

This race is now likely Democratic.

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