Sunday, June 25, 2006

Iraqi Sovereignty: The Coming Conservative Explosion Over Iraq

At some point, the Administration's commitment to "staying the course" and promoting democratic sovereignty in Iraq are going to be tested in the face of overwhelming conservative outrage. Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki is proposing a reconcillation plan to reunite his country and begin the process of nationalizing a new Iraq, free from America's presence.

His currently plan, which is still lacking key details and seems to be a rather shifting proposal, has two key components which is likely to cause some conservative heartburn for the Administration. The first proposal has already been very controversal, and has already gotten some attention, and that's the Prime Minister's plan to offer amensty to insurgents for killing American and Iraqi security personnel. Amazingly, several prominent conservatives in Congress has already publicly stated their support for granting amensty to the killers of our forces overseas.

And I can't understand how conservatives on one hand argue against "amensty" for illegal immigrants who have not committed any crime (being illegal in the United States is not a crime, but a civil violation of a statute), not killed our men and women in uniform, and then applaud granting actual amesty to the terrorists who have been killing our soldiers.

The second issue is a timetable to have American forces leave. Apparently, the Iraqi Prime Minister does not believe continued American presence is necessary to avoid looking weak or that to pull out is the equivalent to "cutting and running." However, a little noticed aspect of the plan is to have U.S. forces under Iraqi command before they leave, as a means to bring the security interests of the country under Iraqi stewardship, and not American.

Remember the 90s? Remember the right-wing paranoia about American troops under U.N. command? How do you think the far right wing is going to react when this Administration proposes that American forces are placed under the very command of those that wish to grant amensty to those killing our sons and daughters?

Can you imagine if a Kerry or Gore Administration had proposed such a thing?

When you start seeing polling showing conservatives are leaving the President on Iraq, remember this post. And you'll be able to say that you saw the reason why first!

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