Monday, July 31, 2006

Yet another poll shows Strickland with a double-digit lead

Although the Rasmussen results aren't available to anyone but their subscribers yet, it appears the latest Rasmussen Reports poll in Ohio shows Sherrod Brown with a slight lead. Apparently, Ted Strickland continues to have an unspecified (at this time) double-digit lead over Blackwell. So on the one hand we have Rasmussen, SurveyUSA, and the Dispatch polls all consistently showing Strickland with a double-digit lead. On the other hand, we have a rather dated Ohio Poll and a recent Zogby poll showing Strickland with a five-point lead.

What tips the polling conventional wisdom in favor of the first camp? Blackwell's own pollster shows it to be a double-digit race.

I'll update this once Rasmussen makes the general numbers available to the non-subscribing public.

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Alexzandra said...

I've met both Strickland and Blackwell. Strickland is the representative from my area. I'm very happy to see the polls, Strickland is a solid man. He's great on paper, in picture, and in persone. He is the type of man that will listen and offer perspective. He's brought many programs to my area. He wins by landslides now because my area loves him. Blackwell was hasty and cold when I had the opportunity to meet him. I never trusted him since with his position of Sec. of State for Ohio. We don't need him as a governer.