Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blackwell admits he lied about Strickland's record on taxes

First, Ken Blackwell releases an ad accusing Ted Strickland for being for the marriage penalty and against all kinds of tax cuts.

Then, Ted Strickland issues a rebuttal ad that demonstrates that he has, in fact, supported on numerous occasions the very kind of tax cuts Blackwell's ad alleged Strickland opposed. The ad ends with a claim that Blackwell's mandatory health insurance plan is going to cost families money they don't have under Blackwell's one-size-fits-all mandatory insurance scheme. Because Blackwell's plan doesn't detail how much the mandatory plans will costs Ohio families, Strickland's campaign relies on a third-party source for a market-based equivalent estimate.

The Blackwell campaign publicly cries foul and accuses the Strickland campaign of putting forth a false ad about how much Blackwell's health insurance tax will be under his mandatory insurance scheme. There's no complaints about the ad's accuracy in demonstrating the previous Blackwell ad as being misleading and untrue.

Instead of reporting on how the Blackwell campaign was publicly revealed to be lying about Strickland's record on taxes, the media instead reports on Blackwell's claims (which have yet to been supported with a contrasting estimate of his mandatory insurance tax) that Strickland is misleading voters on how much Blackwell's plan will costs Ohio's families.

Caught red-handed in a lie, and Blackwell escapes by accusing his opponent (again, with no corroborating evidence) of lying. How much will Ken Blackwell's mandatory insurance tax cost Ohio's families? We simply can't afford to wait until January to find out.