Friday, August 04, 2006

Introducing the 30% Support Republicans Club

Here we see the Presidents of both the National and State chapters of the 30% Support Republicans Club. Sure, nearly two-thirds of all Ohioans oppose Ken Blackwell and President Bush, but only in such a lonely environment can true friendships bloom.

Obviously, this is before Blackwell learned that Ted Strickland still raised more money than he did in July, despite (or perhaps because) of the President's support.

But fear not Blackwell fans, Blackwell is planning another big fundraiser with the President Emeritus of the Ohio Chapter of the 30% Support Republicans Club: Ohio Governor Bob Taft.


Mark_McNally said...


Where did Bernie go?

He was in the original picture.

Modern Esquire said...

It's my blog.


(Besides, most people don't really care what Bernie Kosar thinks about football, let alone Ohio politics. Although I'm surprised that he's still in the area since his old team moved to Baltimore.

Mark_McNally said...

I'm from northeast Ohio, Bernie is held in high regard here