Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just how popular is Ken Blackwell's Turnpike privatization plan?

Well, according to Pho From Akron, not that popular in neighboring Indiana, the state who Ken Blackwell personally used as evidence in support of his corporate giveaway.

According to a poll by the Indianapolis Star, only 30% of Indiana residents thought the lease was a good idea. 60% of Indiana residents thought it was a bad idea. And how popular is the turnpike lease among the communities most directly affected by it? Well, in northern Indiana where the turnpike is actually located, 73% of the residents there believe the turnpike privatization was a bad idea.

How much political capital has the turnpike privatization costs Governor Mitch Daniels, who campaigned with Ken Blackwell in support of Blackwell's similar privatization plan? Well, his approval ratings have plummeted to the lowest level for any Indiana Governor in their first year in the history of Indiana polling, and a majority of residents now believe the state is on the wrong track.

Luckily for the Buckeye State, we have a choice this November which can prevent our State's transportation channels from being sold to the highest foreign bidder under this disastrous and highly unpopular corporate giveaway. Vote for Ted Strickland for Governor.

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