Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Return of the Blackwell 30% Republican Support Club

Almost three weeks ago, I posted how Ken Blackwell's fundraiser with President George Bush could be called the meeting of the Ohio and National "30% Support Republican Club" since both currently only get approval ratings in Ohio in the 30s.

As I stated then, later this month, Blackwell would hold a meeting with the President Emeritus of the Ohio 30% Support Republican Club when Blackwell would be the guest of honor for a fundraiser hosted by Governor Bob Taft. Well, the fundraiser was Monday, and you couldn't find even one write up of Bob Taft's fundraiser or public support.

Nope, in a rare moment of campaign genius, the Blackwell campaign realized that Ohioans just wouldn't get Bob Taft's support of Ken Blackwell. So instead, the campaign rolled out the support of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

And it truly was a shrewd maneuver. After all, why get stuck with the public support of the nation's most unpopular governor when you can instead appear with the public support the nation's fourth most unpopular governor? And what better idea is there than to publicly state that you have the same plans as the guy with a 39% approval rating?

Blackwell B.S. Alert!: Recently, Blackwell's campaign has been signaling that Blackwell might be willing to include caps on toll increases in response to his controversial turnpike privatization plan. This means that Ken Blackwell supports caps on the tolls on roads, but opposes caps on increases in tuition. Does that make any sense? Neither does Blackwell's apparently assertion that placing caps on the toll hikes the private companies can levy will have no effect on his promised $6 billion the privitatization of the Ohio Turnpike would generate.

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