Friday, August 11, 2006

Scott Pullins caught in yet another lie about the Stricklands

Conservative blogger/attorney Scott Pullins of the Ohio Taxpayers Association is caught in yet again another lie in his continual attempt to smear Congressman Ted Strickland and his wife.

Pullins, desperate to rehabilitate himself in the conservative community after lending support to Republican tax increases in Ohio, now is trying to earn the good graces of the grassroots conservative movement by attacking the personal lives of Congressman Ted Strickland and his wife. First, Pullins spread the false rumors about Mr. and Mrs. Strickland's marriage and love life. Now, despite all evidence to the contrary, Mr. Pullins is hell-bent in continuing to push his ridiculous theory that Congressman Strickland and his wife do not actually live in the Lisbon apartment that they are registered in (despite knowing that the building they reside is owned by corporate entity renting out residential apartments in Lisbon and that they own the apartment building at 320 Market Street North in which the Stricklands live and are registered to vote.)

Here's the latest of Pullins' bold, yet completely unproven claims:

"The Pullins Report has fully documented any allegations that we have made about his residency using publicly available records. For example:

  • He and his wife are registered to vote at 320 North Market Street, in Lisbon, Ohio. But he has refused to document who pays for this location and it was formerly used as a campaign office according to records from the Federal Election Commission.
  • His candidacy petitions filed with the Ohio Secretary of State lists the address of 370 North Market Street, Lisbon, Ohio. The United States Postal Service lists this address as undeliverable. Additionally, Project Vote Smart lists this address as a campaign office." (emphasis added)
So, you've really done a thorough investigation, Pullins? You sure you have fully documented all of your allegations about your residency claims? Well you are asserting that Ted Strickland represented in his candidacy petitions, filed with the Ohio Secretary of State's office, that he certified, under penalty of election falsification, that his voting address is 370 North Market Street and that such an address in undeliverable according to the United States Postal Service.

If you examined the public records at the Secretary of State's office, as you claimed, then you surely would have seen that Strickland's petition shows his voting address as 320 North Market Street in Lisbon, Ohio, the very address that he is registered to vote according to the Columbiana County Board of Elections, and the very address of the residential apartment that the Stricklands reside.

I mean, in your thorough investigation, you did review these documents, correct?:

So much for Pullins' rock solid investigatory skills. I don't know why he's so obsessed with finding out who paid the Stricklands' rent (my guess: the Stricklands, and no, I don't expect the campaign to put out a press release saying, "Ted Strickland pays his own rent," just to satisfy Pullins.) He's obviously reviewed Ted Strickland's congressional campaigns' campaign finance reports with the Federal Elections Commission and found nothing. Where did the 370 North Market Street address come from? Because someone in Ken Blackwell's office screwed up and can't tell the difference from a "2" from a "7."

As I've posted in the past, the Stricklands used to rent part of the building for the congressional campaign and have been renting a separate part of the building (with the same address) for their residential apartment. The campaign paid for the campaign office, and the Stricklands have paying for their residence. I honestly can't even imagine what else Pullins imagines could have been the case. Regardless, he has presented absolutely no evidence of anything to the contrary.

Yet again Pullins is caught in a bold-face lie.


Mark_McNally said...

I thought Ted's home was a condo in Columbus?

Can you "clarify" that one for me...

Modern Esquire said...

How hard is this to comprehend? Ted and Frances own a condo in Columbus and also rent an apartment in Lisbon.

If Kenny would stop refusing interview requests and release his own financial records, I'd bet we'd find out he's got a place in Columbus as well. Either that, or he's been burning alot of gas on I-71 for that daily commute to Columbus from Cincinnati.

Mark_McNally said...

Don't most people register to vote where they own as opposed to where they rent?

Modern Esquire said...

Don't know. I've never seen a survey on that.

I do know that the Stricklands vote where they rent, and that's perfectly legal under the law. The statute says wherever they reside, not where they are domiciled. The statute leaves it up to the voter to decide which to vote at so long as they are't voting at both.