Tuesday, August 15, 2006

[UPDATED:] Blackwell's campaign blogger mocks African-Americans, opposes hate crime legislation

Boy, if you're going to be an official blogger for a Republican candidate trying to peel away the African-American vote, you'd think you'd be smart enough to scrub your own websites of your racist rhetoric.

Matt Naugle, Blackwell's official campaign blogger, has a facebook account that Buckeye State Blog recently captured for prosperity.

After recently claiming that Congressman Ted Strickland's outreach to African-American voters was somehow insincere (despite the fact that Strickland is introducing the only plan in the race for urban renewal), Naugle's membership to the "OSU White People" Club and his mocking comment that the lilly-white Naugle was "born a poor black child" screams of hypocracy.

UPDATE: Apparently, Mr. Naugle also opposes hate crime legislation as well. (Hat tip: Oberlin JJ at Buckeye State Blog.)

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