Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Blackwell campaign attempted to use phony journalist to shape media coverage

Apparently, an attempted dirty trick by the Blackwell campaign has further called the presently scheduled fourth gubernatorial debate in doubt. Here's the story from the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Openers blog:

Moments later, Strickland sounded like he wasn't willing to face Blackwell again as he accused his opponent's campaign of "breaking faith" and "engaging in behavior that is unacceptable" at last week's debate in Cincinnati by sneaking a Blackwell supporter into the post-debate "spin room" reserved for media members only.

The unidentified Blackwell supporter who posed as a reporter was removed by security at the Cincinnati event, according to reporters who attended.

"It's just the fact that when you make an agreement you ought to honor that agreement, " sniffed Strickland.

Ken Blackwell's campaign has gotten so desperate that they've been reduced to trying to plant their own supporters as phony journalists at press conferences to shape the coverage they want.

Is it any wonder why people don't trust Ken Blackwell?

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