Monday, October 23, 2006

The national Republicans *HAVE* abandoned the DeWine campaign

It's been nearly a week since the RNC Chairman denied the New York Times report that the party was pulling the financial plug on Mike DeWine's campaign. Scott Pullins and RAB derided the story and pointed out a Federal Election Commission Report showing the RNC making a $727k ad buy (the RNC publicly committed to spending at least another million on the race.)

So now that we're 14 days until the election, what has the RNC and the NRSC done with its money since then?

Well, according to the available FEC reports, the two groups have spent money on four different Senate races: Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

Since the RNC's last paid media purchase for DeWine, the RNC has had to report six separate notices of expenditures in Missouri, three in Tennessee, and one in Ohio. The NRSC has filed two notices of expenditures in Missouri, one in Tennessee, three in Rhode Island, and ZERO in Ohio.

Now, what's the dollar figures?

Well, again, since the RNC's last ad buy for DeWine, the RNC has spent an additional $1.9M in the Missouri race, over half a million in the Tennessee race, and less than $8,000 in Ohio. The RNC has spent nothing in the Rhode Island race lately.

And the NRSC? Well, they've spent nothing on DeWine's race. Over $87k in MO, almost $120k in Tennessee, and a little over $215k in Rhode Island.

So national Republican Party spending on Senate races since the RNC's last ad buy for DeWine looks like this:

  • Missouri: $2,030,106.21
  • Tennessee: $673,856.85
  • Rhode Island: $215,057.86
  • Ohio: $7,964.74
    (Source: 24-Hour Notices filed by the RNC and NRSC as of close of business 10/23/06.)

If I were Senator DeWine, I wouldn't be waiting by the mailbox for that check to come in...

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