Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thanks for visiting, Dave Hickman

One week since the re-launch, and this site has already been visited by none other than Progressive blogger pest Dave Hickman- the man who believes he's better than every other blogger there is, even though nobody listens to him.

Dave, I'm not going to post your abusive comment because I don't have to. This isn't a forum for you. If you want a forum to express your childish taunts and rants, start your own blog. This is mine, and I chose what comments do and do not get published.

Another reason I didn't post your comment is that it simply isn't true. For the record, I've been offered to administer BSB every time its changed administrators. I've turned it down because I don't have the time or technical expertise the job requires. I still have front page posting privileges and even posted today. That's as far as I've have ever asked to go with BSB.

And, frankly, I don't know why you hate me so much. All I've ever disagreed with you about was your contention that '06 Green Party gubernatorial candidate Bob Fritkas was a threat to Congressman Strickland for the progressive, urban vote, thus allowing Blackwell to potentionally take the African-American vote. I said it was nonsense, and you called me a racist for it.

And, yet, history proved me entirely right. Fraudbuster Bob (who lied about the Governor having the power to block the nationalization of the Ohio National Guard for use in Iraq), had the worst showing of anyone on the ballot. The Liberterian candidate for governor got twice as many votes as your candidate did.

Since then, I've largely ignored you. To date, I'm the only Ohio blogger who has reported about the defects in electronic voting in Butler County which led Secretary of State Brunner to find a serious flaws in electronic voting. And yet, I'm chided because I'm not a "stolen election" guy.

BWAHAHA all you want, Dave. Nobody listens to you. Oh, and if you don't like this blog, don't read it. I could care less if anyone does. That's the point of it.

I've done nothing to you, Dave. Nothing at all, but disagree with you about a third-party candidate for Governor. And I was right. You've yet to acknowledge that. Regardless, I've done nothing to deserve your "attention." Just go away.

-The Management

P.S.- Comments are welcome to this site so long as they actually related to the topic of the posts. I will not let personal attacks or mindless ridiculing remarks be posted here. I will not stifle respectful and thoughtful dissent, only ridicule. I trust you all can tell the difference between the two.


Hickmania said...

You write, "Dave. Nobody listens to you"

Then why'd ya write a novel in reply to my post that you censored by never allowing it to be published?

You also say, "To date, I'm the only Ohio blogger who has reported about the defects in electronic voting in Butler County which led Secretary of State Brunner to find a serious flaws in electronic voting."

Hmmmmmm... you say "nobody listens to" me. Apparrently you do as you seek recognition from me regarding what you "reported about the defects in electronic voting in Butler County..."

Dude... I NEVER worked for or supported Bob Fitrakis related to his Green Party run for Governor. Of course I didn't work for or support Strickland, Blackwell or Peirce either. By your logic that would mean I supported all four candidates.

I worked with Bob Fitrakis prior to his run for Governor through the Ohio Honest Elections Campaign. I am not ashamed to admit my admiration and respect for Dr. Fitrakis related to his Election Reform work.

You are trying to paint me as a Green Party supporter... which is an outlandish twist. The closest I've ever come to that was by supporting fellow Ohioan Dennis Kucinich's campaign in 2004... opps I forgot, Dennis is a long time incumbent DEMOCRAT US Congressman from Cleveland, OHIO not a Green Party member !!

Also, I helped organize 1,500 supporters for John Kerry from 2003-04 as part of the Meetup system.

So, Modern Esquire... screw your long and meaningless diatribes. You're not at the apex of lefty blogosphere popularity. So quit acting as if you are. You're full of Bullshit (or should I say your a stupid-ass BS Blogger?).

The least you could do is reveal your identity... CHICKEN SHIT !!!

Eric said...

none of us every did anything to the guy, which is what's nuts. of course, once he started bashing us we fought back (some more aggressively than others).

hickman is a fraud. plain and simple. with issues. big, deep seated issues.

Tim Russo said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to your homepage, Modern!

As an outside, regular commenter, I've always wondered why the good folks in the Progressive Ohio Blogosphere even acknowledge Hickman. All I know about the guy is what everybody else writes about him. From my perspective, if y'all would stop acknowledging his miserable existence, it would be over with. In other words, there is an opportunity to make your own reality: ignore him and, for all intents and purposes, he goes away.

In any event, thanks for your good work.



Modern Esquire said...

Dave, Dave, Dave.

I cannot censor anything. I am NOT the government. Governments censor.

I moderate the comments on this blog, because it's mine, not yours. It's not intended to be a community blog at all. I only allow comments at all because I enjoy the dialogue sometimes a post generates. Your comments, however, are just ad hominem attacks with no substance.

I didn't try to paint you as a Green Party member, so try to use that thing between your ears for something other than to spew hateful nicknames and insults.

I did, correctly, say the only time we've crossed paths was when I challenged your assertion that Fritrakis would be a threat to Strickland with the African-American and urban vote. It never happened (just like I predicted.) You predicted Fritrakis was so well-known in progressive circles he'd get at least 5% of the vote. he didn't. And for that minor disagreement, you have become obsessed with me (just as you have other bloggers) and ranting and raving one ridiculous insult after another.

I've never said, claimed, or inferred that I'm the "apex" of lefty blogsphere popularity, nor am I aiming to be.

My point is that nobody takes you seriously, Dave, because you attack people like me personally even though I write about the issues you supposed rant and rave nobody talks about.

Do I think the 2004 election was stolen? No. Do I think there are truly serious problems with electronic voting that affect the integrity of a result? Yes. There is a difference between the two positions.

I can't imagine any can read your comment and not understand why someone like me might want to protect himself and his family by staying anonymous.

Chickshit is attacking others for not doing something when you aren't doing it yourself. If you don't think we bloggers don't adequately represent the voice of the progressive community, then start your own blog, Dave, and good luck.

If you have something substantive to say as a matter of discourse in regardings to a post here without writing a ranting personal attack of insults against other people, I will approve your comments.

But if you continue to make comments like the one in this post, I will not approve them any further. Dave, you seem to act as if I have some agenda or grudge against you. I don't. I don't know you, and more importantly, don't want to. I have tried to be polite and respectful to you, until you flew off the handle and decided that personal insults was the way for you to "win" your argument. Dave, nobody treats you seriously and you hurt your causes by your antics.

For the second time, you talk about how this blog sucks. And yet, you keep coming back. Odd. If you don't like me personally (although we've never met), don't like my writing, don't like my admin policies for the blog, or its subject matter, THEN DON'T COME HERE ANYMORE. I'll find a way to get by without your readership, trust me.

BTW, thanks again for stopping by Dave, you've really helped spread the word about this blog.

ols said...

Modern, have I told you lately that I love you? Have I told you there's (almost) no one else above you? You fill my heart with gladness, take away much of my sadness, ease my troubles, that's what you do.

Seriously, if it wasn't idolatry and therefore a breach of the 10 Commandments, I would totally worship you.

I hope you don't mind that this isn't "actually related to the topic of the posts" but I had to comment anyway...

P.S. Seriously thanks for the pep talk today.

P.P.S. Is it mean if I rub it into Dave Hickman's nose that you're totally not anonymous to me and I can stalk you whenever I want? Hmmm... maybe I have been stalking you... is it stalking if you like it?