Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BizzyBlog's obsession with race while economy starts remarkable comeback

If you're going to brand your blog's name to reflect a focus on a particular topic, then don't you think you should focus on that instead of favorably post an e-mail of an obvious racist white supremacist's thoughts as to why a newspaper is going out of print?

The DOW Jones Industrial is in its second week of rallying. Inflation is well under control. New home construction and inflation is both favorably beating expectations. And yet, this rationale is why Tom Blumer at Bizzyblog wants to write as explaining why the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is going out of print?:

The Seatte PI (and the Times) are filled with columns by Black nationalists, Asian nationalists, Mexican nationalists, Jewish nationalists, Hindu nationalists Muslim nationalists and drip with hatred for the European-American middle class who buy the newspapers.

Gang rights, Gay rights, Illegal Immigrant rights…. celebrations of gang attacks on European-Americans…. and censorship, censorship, censorship….….. And so why did so few people buy the Seattle PI?

Because we, as a community, despise the PI, and everything it stands for. We, as a community, have killed this Multicult hate organ and it dies a deserved death. May all its minions rot in Hell. May it begin for them with unemployment.

The Death of each such Multicult [sic] organ is a blow for freedom. [Ed. note: I added the link to sites that use similar rhetoric. The link was not in the original.]

Okkkay... Did Tom not realize that this email is from an obvious white supremacist? People who talk about European-Americans being attacked by minority "nationalist" is the language and m.o. of a white supremacist world view, especially the intentional use of the phrase "Multicult." The whole email suggests that the Seattle paper folded because of its multicultural values and censorship of the "European-American" world view.

It's not just the term "European-American," that makes this so obviously racists. Its the ranting of multiculturalism, the attacks of other minorities as "nationalists," and the notion that "white" Americans are censored by political correctness fueled by multiculturalism.

This is why the Seattle paper failed? Because it was liberal? In Seattle? So the conservative former national news weekly "U.S. News & World Report" did the same thing because??? The Christian Science Monitor? The New York Sun? Is multicultural liberal bias why the Chicago Sun-Times is on a death watch? The weekly conservative Sacramento Union folded earlier this month. (I guess conservative Internet media company Pajamas Media also failed because of its devotion to the "Multicult," Bizzy?)

The American Spectator, a conservative publication in high circulations in the 1990s is a shell of its former self. Ruppert Murdoch's purchase of the Wall Street Journal was largely because the current ownership wanted to shed its stake in a publication that was losing value rapidly. News Corp., Murdoch's flagship and THE company of conservative media, reported a $6.4 billion loss(!) fueled mostly from it having to massive write-down in the value of its assets, namely the WSJ just last month.

The newspaper industry isn't dying because of bias. It's dying because it's outdated technology. People get their news 24 hours a day from the Internet and cable news networks. That's why most of the papers, like in the case in Seattle, are coming back as solely Internet publications.

The fact that Blumer would rather focus on the ranting of an obviously racist mindset as justification for an industry who is simply outdated for today's IT environment rather than focus on the actual, pardon the irony, "news" in the economy is telling. Blumer doesn't want to admit that the actual Obama-Pelosi-Reid economy is showing a comeback from the Bush economy. He'd rather write a ditto to a guy who sees a white economic rebellion behind newspapers failing rather than the fact that newspapers are losing classified ad revenues to craigslist and news circulations to blogs. Hopefully, for the sake of the Republic, not to blogs like Blumer's.


Eric said...

Tom is often misguided...and a known racist.

Scott Pullins said...

If it was David Duke, wouldn't they have had to drag him away from the Blackjack tables in New Orleans?

Modern Esquire said...

Wouldn't he called them Whitejack tables?