Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brunner breaks the 300 barrier

In the month and a half since Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has announced her candidacy, she's had over 300 people donate to her campaign. Most of those donations have come in the past week alone. Brunner has gone from a 2:1 online donations disadvantage to actually raising more than Fisher has online.

Surprisingly, a number of blogs, Buckeye State Blog and Ohio Daily Blog are trying to downplay the significance of this development. Yes, of course, offline donations will be a far greater share of campaign donations than online ones.

Yes, it's early.

But you know why online donations matter? Well, do you know what kind of person donates online? Nobody, that's who. The nobody who is willing to take a weekend to go door-to-door without being asked. The nobody that talks to his or her friends and neighbors about a candidate. A nobody is someone who donates to someone and expects nothing personally in return. Which is why all the conventional wisdom is to say all this attention is undeserved. Nobody warrants this kind of attention. Nobody cares about nobody.

You know what kind of person writes a check for the maximum donation within the first month of campaign. Well, that's a somebody. But a somebody is too important to do GOTV, or talk to his country club set. A someobody's notion of sacrifice is overpaying for a chicken dinner to hear the same tired stump speech and dinner jokes from the same candidates year after year. A somebody is someone who donates to someone and expects something personally in return.

There's something good about being a part of a campaign of nobodies. And that's why online donations matter.

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Anonymous said...

You make a similar point to the one that I have been making regarding Lee Fisher's lack of interest in speaking to the dem blogosphere. We are the "nobodys" that spend their weekends dragging the kids around on lit drops and making the GOTV phone calls. I am not feelin' too excited for a declared candidate that won't tell me what he is all about. I am the lit dropper, the fan base, the cheerleader, the GRASSROOTS, and I am not one to sit on the sidelines waiting for a candidate to share his positions with me- my efforts will be long committed to someone else.