Monday, March 30, 2009

Brunner's amazing online cash haul...

Literally a week ago today, David Potts at Buckeye State Blog posted a story showing that Lee Fisher had raised over twice as much money as Jennifer Brunner had so far ($41k to $17.7k).

As the first FEC reporting deadline since Brunner and Fisher announced their candidacies approaches, both campaigns are quickly trying to bring in as much cash as they can for their first campaign report.

Since David's post, Brunner has gone on an online fundraising tear. In the past week alone, Brunner has more than doubled the number of donors to her campaign (over an additional 130 online donors; Fisher has gotten thirty additional donors during the past week.)

What had been over a 2:1 fundraising advantage for Fisher has been totally erased. Fisher's fundraising advantage wasn't a flash in the pan either. I've been monitoring both candidates' ActBlue pages and Fisher had his online advantage for nearly two weeks. Last Monday, Fisher had raised over $23k more online than Brunner. Today, that cash advantage is down to only over $1k.

While online fundraising is still a small part of overall fundraising, and I still expect Fisher to show substantial advantage fundraising, the fact is that Brunner has doubled her grassroots fundraising in just the past week compared to what she raised over the prior month is very impressive.

Earlier today, Brunner sent an email to her donors stating a goal of 250. Six hours later, she exceed that goal sooner than the campaign's stated deadline of the following day.


Ratdg1 said...

Do you think that part of the explanation might be that Lee Fisher isn't using Actblue? You are comparing apples to oranges here, and it's pretty hypocritical of you to criticize Nick for his post on Brunner going negative when you repeatedly misrepresent Lee Fisher's fundraising.

Modern Esquire said...

Fisher HAD been using ActBlue, until apparently recently. A development I wasn't aware of. He had been using ActBlue for all his website fundraising. As I wasn't aware of the switch, I didn't know it occurred. However, it must have been very recently given the activity in his ActBlue account.

I criticized Nick on his post about Brunner going negative because 1) Nick was blatantly wrong to suggest that Brunner was the first to go negative when Fisher IN NICK'S OWN INTERVIEW went negative first; 2) everything Brunner said was right. Neither point Nick has bothered to address because Nick doesn't care about his own credibility as his own willingness to give Fisher's campaign editorial control over BSB demonstrated.