Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Attention Tea Baggers....

The stimulus bill wasn't a government bailout. The TARP was a government bailout. Just about every Republican politician who's running to T.V. cameras to capitalize on today's foolishness voted for TARP. In fact, one has to wonder why it tooks six months before conservatives began protesting government bailouts. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that it was Republican Administration with the support of the Republican Congressional leadership that did the bailouts at the time and now it's a Democratic Administration that's administering them. No, the partisan change in Washington has corrolation to the selective outrage today.

Again, you have no less than FoxNews conflating the TARP legislation in October, a pure bailout legislation, with the stimulus package in January which was not a bailout unless you consider giving the middle class tax relief a "bailout". Of course, this idiot is given a national platform and apparently has no idea what the meaning of fascism is, either. (Yeah, Hitler was a fascist because he was in bed with the corporations.) Nor does he apparently understand what was in the stimulus package as there was nothing there for corporations. It was tax cuts and government spending. It was not a corporate bailout package.

Also, if you're for lower taxes, and I'm tired of having to say this again, then you should be AGAINST repealing the stimulus package which had one of, if not the largest, tax cuts in American history.

And speaking of people using labels who have no idea what the hell they're talking about: let's go to CNN for the "Obama is Hitler" guy! Of course, when asked how Obama is a fascist, this Fox News obeying drone can't give a reason.

This is what 24/7 FoxNews coverage of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Michelle Bachman gives you. An angry white mob who thinks the black President is Hitler, but cannot explain why. It's what happens when you have a nation-wide cable television network that presents itself as an objective "journalistic" institution calling the democratically elected President of the United States a "fascist, socialist, and communist" 24/7. Glenn Beck is on Fox News with Penn of Penn & Teller fame preaching non-violence. In fear of what he has sown, but it is too late. You cannot demogogue the President to be an inhuman monster one day worthy of being hunted like Hitler or removed in a revolution and then say you're for non-violence. Own it, Beck, you coward.

This is irresponsible for anyone, let alone something that passes itself off as a "news" organization. It's dangerous rhetoric. I feel bad for Tim Russo and others who went expecting to get an exclusive on the insanity of these misguided, uninformed, and actively mislead people. The truth is already out there and it's on every television screen in America.

It's the face of the conservative movement in America. It's angry, racist, and frightening, even to people like Glenn Beck.

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