Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coughlin's coverup? EPIC FAIL

Tim Russo over at BloggerInterrupted is absolutely correct. The effort by Coughlin to use the threat of litigation may have kept the news about Coughlin's extramarital affair out of print (for now), but the story has gotten a far greater distribution through the Internet than the circulation of one hyper-localized print weekly alternative newspaper.

In the last twenty-four hours, the newstory about Coughlin's extramarital affair has doubled my traffic. And, according to the information provided by SiteMeter, it's all due to people looking for information on Coughlin's alleged affair (although alleged is probably unnecessary since multiple sources in the story confirm the existence of the affair, including at least one who confirms that Coughlin himself acknowledge the existence of an inappropriate relationship.) Google "Coughlin affair or Cleveland Scene" and you've been coming here.

The only reason it hasn't crept into print media is because 1) it's a story broken by blogs and Old Media hates to acknowledge anything legitimate coming from blogs (the same thing occured during the Marc Dann affair, so it's a bipartisan conspiracy; 2) Coughlin just isn't that important. Most Ohioans don't know who he is, and although he's running for Governor, he's polling in the single digits among Republican primary voters.

Coughlin was already a joke BEFORE the story about his affair was written.

Amazingly, the editors at Cleveland Scene are getting downright pissy with Tim about the whole thing. Tim reached them for comment, they alleged the reporter was fired for "gross insubordination," Tim prints that response and then contacts them for specifics, and they refuse because Tim isn't interested in hearing their side of the story?!?

Coughlin, of course, one time called Dann's affair and improper use of campaign funds in facilitating the affair a "Culture of Corruption" in which Dann should have resigned immediately... I'm just sayin'.

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