Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Warren County, ideology trumps intellect

So, in order to show "solidarity" with the Tea Party Republicans, the Warren County Commissioners are refusing any state money funded by the federal stimulus package... maybe. From the Pulse Journal:

Commissioners rejected $373,000 in stimulus money to buy three new transit buses and upgrade their fleet, citing their opposition of deficit spending for buses and vans. Commissioner Mike Kilburn said he refuses to take any stimulus funds.

“I’ll let Warren County go broke before taking any of Obama’s filthy money,” Kilburn said. When asked about stimulus money being used to help improve rural transportation and job creation, Kilburn said he was tired of government handouts.

“I’m tired of paying for people who don’t have,” he said. “As Reagan said, ‘government is not the answer, it’s the problem.’”

Says a guy who is the government in Warren County. Refusing the money won't reduce the deficit at all, as the funds will simply be given to other communities for their projects.

[UPDATED]: As predicted, Lucas County has already written Warren County Commissioners to call "dibs" and to thank them for giving more money to other communities. (Source: Columbus Dispatch)

What's even more insane is the lengths 1) that they are going to refuse this money; 2) the ignornance they show in trying to justify their actions:

Commissioner David Young said the commissioners also are looking for a way to
give back $1.8 million in stimulus money allocated for energy efficient windows
and roofs on government buildings.

“We are working with the prosecutor’s office to find a way for us to give
back the money and make sure that no one else spends it,” said Young. “We want
to make clear that we are saying ‘no, thank you’ to spending this money and we
are reducing the $787 billion being spent by $1.8 million.”


“I understand the federal government should be doing some spending in a down
economy,” said Young. “But, it should be on big projects like highway
improvements. We might not like deficit spending, but at least we could live
with it if the funds were being used for those things. To use it for vans?
That’s crazy.”

Look, genius, you honestly can't think of how buying new vehicles might stimulate the economy. Even after manufacturing companies like Blackhawk in Warren County has folded due to problems in the auto industry?

Who the hell do these mental midgets think they are? They're actually promoting higher utility bills to be paid for by the county property owners because these guys don't want to use federal money to install energy efficient technology (most of which is produced here in the United States)? Why should your ideology keep me from paying higher sales and property taxes to support the county government's unnecessarily higher utility bills every month?

And Commisioner Kilburn wants to justify this by saying that seniors and the disabled already have enough handouts already, they don't need more assistance in transportation in the county? Good luck with that one, fella.

Maybe the Republican Party isn't entirely politically dead in this country, but it sure looks like it's politically brain dead in Warren County.


tyim courts said...

If Warren County is in good shape financially why Do i have to vote Tuesday whether to increase my property tax to pay for Springboro School District? And if it doesn't pass they are canceling bus service within 2 miles of the schools. Ironic.

Adam said...

Because public schools are not funded by county money, they are funded by taxpayer levies and state allocated funds.