Saturday, May 02, 2009

Kasich finally forms campaign committee, still has no plan for Ohio

As conservatives and conservative-sympathetic editorial writers attack Strickland for "not balancing" a budget that doesn't even exist yet for a time period that is BEYOND his current term of Governor, John Kasich has offered only one solution for all of Ohio's ills: a repeal of the Ohio income tax.

Except that Kasich REFUSES, absolutely REFUSES to explain how he'll pay for a proposal that would equal a 40% reduction in state government revenues.

John Kasich has no plans; he has platitudes. While he claims he's more than a one-issue candidate and that he also cares about education, Kasich has been completely AWOL during the debate on Strickland's education plan. You'd think the top of the ticket candidate would be at the forefront of the Republican's alternative education plan. But perhaps Kasich's absence is that the Republicans have no alternative plan for education.

Kasich relies on partisan, ideological studies that claim the State is 47th in competitiveness and taxes, when objective studies put Ohio far more than the median. The conservatives studies he relies on also are based on data before the State went on a five-year reduction of their income tax rates. Taxes that continued to be cut under both of the Strickland's budget.

Strickland has reformed Ohio's energy polices to put Ohio on the frontlines in the development and utilization of alternative energy technologies to end Ohio's dependance on foreign oil. He's cut taxes every year he's been in office. He's frozen tuition at Ohio's colleges and universities after nearly two decades of unchecked sky-rocketing tuition under Republican rule.

His education reform plan is simply revolutionary.

John Kasich's talking head-ness at Fox News tells you what to expect from him as a candidate. Promises and platitudes, but not serious plans or the ability to lead.

Kasich will raise alot of money. And he'll lose by at least twenty points. Strickland hasn't been one to toot his own horns. The campaign will, unfortunately, need to do some public education as to what Strickland has done the last three years as a result. But despite that, he's got strong job approval numbers that suggest no Republican candidate can be a credible threat.

And John Kasich has never given a "fiery" speech in his life. He's bland, boring, and predictable.

This race is going to be painful to follow. John Kasich couldn't even carry his old Congressional District now.


Anonymous said...

kasich couldn't carry his old cd now? the one pat tiberi now represents and to which he has been handily re-elected multiple times?

what on earth are you talking about?

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